The Swedish Dad photo book.
For the first time ever there is a photo book all about the heartwarming relations between Swedish dads and their children. Readers will live the experiences of a dad in a country where men are no longer trapped in the breadwinner role. With 480 days paid parental leave (that is 16 months!) Sweden has something special going on when it comes to parenthood. It is no wonder the streets are crowded with proud papas pushing baby strollers. In The Swedish Dad photo book, 21 dads will give you a glimpse into their every day life and tell you what it is like being a father in their own words.

The story behind the project: The idea for the whole thing came when Johanna Karlsson and Henrik Pettersson lived in Japan. Wherever they were, they met Japanese people who were fascinated by Sweden, thanks to the system of parental leave. It seemed incredibly exotic to many Japanese that men could take so much part in their children's lives and that it was possible to combine career and family commitment. Photo books were extremely popular in Japan, and it was in the photo book corner at Kinokuniya book store in Osaka that everything started. Standing there, looking at the books with snap shot galleries with Japanese salary men and school kids with cute school uniforms, Henrik and Johanna realized that Sweden too has something that is considered exotic, and the idea of creating a photo book about the Swedish dad was born. As soon as they moved back to Sweden in 2010 they engaged Tobias Bill, the photographer, and started.

More about the book: The Swedish Dad photo book depicts the everyday life for a Swedish dad. 21 dads have been photographed and interviewed, and the book will contain both pictures as well as quotes from the dads. They have all been photographed in settings of their choice, places they and their children love to be, like in the woods, by the sea, at home in the kitchen, out for a walk, etc. The project has taken almost 2 years to finish, and the photos are spread out over the different seasons of the year.

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The Swedish Dad photo book will be published in Korea on Woongjin Think Big.


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The team behind the book:

Tobias Bill, Photographer.
Every now and then Tobias enjoys a slice of home baked bread while watching science fiction movies from the seventies. But usually he is taking pictures, for example while riding his bike through Sweden. Tobias lives in Malmö, Sweden.

Enjoy his pictures at:

Henrik Pettersson, Editor.
When not teaching Creative Writing at Lund University, Henrik is writing novels, swimming in the ocean and of course taking care of his newly born son. After a couple of years in Japan, he now lives in Malmö, Sweden.

Read about him:

Johanna Karlsson, Public Relations.
Three years as a guest professor at Osaka University made Johanna a fanatic when it comes to umeshu, sushi rice and ramen. While waiting for new adventures abroad she is working as a Swedish teacher at Lund University, exploring the exoticism of her own country.

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With Special Guests:

Kevin Frato – English Preface.
Kevin Frato is a novelist, teacher and parent from Ohio, USA, who lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.


(Photo of Kevin: Ani Aramian)



Yoshihiro Takahashi – Japanese Preface.
Originally from Japan, currently studying master programme of Gender Studies at Lund University after two years of volunteering and studying in Stockholm. Working with translation and political art on the side. Yoshihiro lives in Malmö, Sweden.

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(Photo of Yoshihiro: K Marion Jaklin)
















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